Beach-Inspired DIY Sea Glass Christmas Tree for a Coastal Holiday

Beach-Inspired DIY Sea Glass Christmas Tree for a Coastal Holiday


Greetings, Christmas Fanatics! ‘Tis the season to bring a bit of coastal charm to your holiday decor. Imagine the sound of crashing waves and the feeling of sand between your toes, all while surrounded by the warmth and joy of Christmas. Today, I’m here to guide you through the creation of a beach-inspired DIY sea glass Christmas tree, perfect for a coastal holiday celebration. Sea glass, with its mesmerizing colors and smooth edges, has gained popularity as a unique and sustainable decorating material. Get ready to infuse your Christmas festivities with a touch of seaside magic!

Section 1: Gathering Materials

To start this project, you’ll need a few essential materials. First, grab a cone-shaped foam base for your tree. You can find these at your local craft store or online. Next, gather an assortment of sea glass pieces in various colors. Whether you collect your own sea glass from the beach or purchase it, make sure you have a mix of blues, greens, whites, and other vibrant hues to achieve a visually stunning tree.

Where to Find Sea Glass

Finding sea glass is part of the adventure! Head to nearby beaches known for their rocky shores or search for local sea glass festivals and markets. You can also find sea glass suppliers online who specialize in providing an assortment of colors and sizes. Remember to opt for authentic sea glass with smooth edges, as opposed to manufactured glass designed to mimic the appearance.

Section 2: Preparing the Base

With your materials gathered, let’s move on to preparing the base of your sea glass Christmas tree. Place the cone-shaped foam base on a suitable surface, ensuring stability and ease of decorating. To securely attach the foam base, consider using a stand designed specifically for cone-shaped crafts available at craft stores. This will keep your tree steady throughout the holiday season.

Section 3: Creating the Sea Glass Decorations

Now let’s dive into the fun part—creating the sea glass decorations! Sea glass comes in various shapes and sizes, making it perfect for crafting ornaments, garlands, and other delightful holiday decorations. Let your creativity shine as you attach the sea glass pieces to the tree. Consider using a non-toxic craft adhesive suitable for foam and glass to securely attach the sea glass decorations. Be sure to allow ample drying time before moving on to the next step.

Section 4: Assembling the Tree

With your sea glass decorations ready, it’s time to assemble your tree. Start at the bottom of the foam base and work your way upward, layering the sea glass pieces to create a full and visually appealing tree shape. Play around with different colors and sizes to achieve a balanced and textured look, resembling a real Christmas tree. For an extra touch of beachy charm, consider adding seashells, starfish, or other coastal-themed elements in between the sea glass layers.

Section 5: Adding Final Touches

Now that your sea glass tree is taking shape, let’s add some final touches to make it truly shine. Consider embellishing your tree with tiny battery-operated LED lights, carefully weaving them through the sea glass and around the tree base. This will create a gentle and magical glow, reminiscent of a starry night on the beach. You can also enhance the festive feel by tying ribbons or bows around the tree or incorporating other decorative elements that speak to your personal style.

Tips for Securing Decorations and Lights

To keep your sea glass decorations in place, make sure to use a secure adhesive or gently press the sea glass pieces into the foam base. For lights, strategically place them in between the sea glass layers, ensuring they stay hidden while illuminating your lovely creation. Electric lights are a great option as well, but be sure to exercise caution and follow electrical safety guidelines.

Optional Additions

To complete the look, consider adding a beautiful tree topper, such as a starfish or a mermaid ornament, to bring a touch of coastal whimsy. You can also use a tree skirt made from nautical-themed fabric or even repurpose a beach towel for an extra dose of beachy charm. Personalize your sea glass tree to reflect your coastal holiday dreams!


Congratulations, Santa’s Helpers, on creating a stunning DIY sea glass Christmas tree for a coastal holiday! You’ve learned how to gather the necessary materials, prepare the base, create sea glass decorations, assemble the tree, and add those final touches to make it truly shine. This unique and environmentally-friendly holiday decor will add a touch of the beach to your joyful celebrations. So go ahead, showcase your creativity this holiday season and embrace the beauty of the sea!

Now, I’d love to see your own beach-inspired DIY sea glass Christmas trees! Share your creations and ideas in the comments below. Let’s inspire each other and spread the holiday spirit with our coastal-themed decorations. Happy crafting and Merry Christmas, my fellow Christmas Fanatics!


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